logo Federal University of North CaucausFederal University of North Caucasus was founded in 1930. For the moment, the university hosts 35 000 students from more than 50 countries of the world, who study in 221 specialties. There are more than 2000 professors at University, 1750 of them are Doctors of Science and PhD candidates who prepare highly qualified specialists of international standard. Federal University of North Caucasus includes 11 institutes: Institute of oil and gas; Institute of information technologies and telecommunications; Institute of electric-power industry, electronics and nano-technologies; Institute of civil engineering, transports and mechanic engineering; Institute of economics and management, Institute of service, tourism and design; Institute of law; Institute of mathematics and natural sciences; Institute of living systems; Institute of human sciences, Institute of education and social sciences. In the whole the institutes include 112 chairs. There are over 1200 postgraduate students, 14 doctoral students and 154 doctoral candidates study in the Federal University of North Caucasus nowadays. The University holds research work in 67 specialties in 9 scientific research institutes and centers. 

img_uni_01The University is designated to become an educational, scientific and innovational centre of the region that prepares qualified specialists for social and economic development of all the federal districts of North Caucasus. University provides studies in all educational programs for obtaining of the degree/qualification: Bachelor's degree, Master's degree, Specialist/Engineer, Ph.D. Candidate/Doctor of Sciences. University has preparatory department for foreign students, where during 1 year they prepare foreign citizens for entering basic studies (1-6 years) and post-graduate programs. Stage-by-stage development program of Federal University of North Caucasus permits to expose at the world educational market a compatible university, working on the principles of unified scientific, educational, economic and social processes and serving strengthening of Russian state and society that is on the top list of Russian scientific research centers. 

Study Programmes

  • Oil and Gas Engineering
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Mining Engineering

Fees Structure

Bachelor degree 4000 $ 1st  year, 3000 $ from 2nd year onwards and 450 $ hostel fees per year

Master degree 4000 $ 1st  year, 3000 $ from 2nd year onwards and 450 $ hostel fees per year

PHD degree 4000 $ 1st  year, 3000 $ from 2nd year onwards and 450 $ hostel fees per year

Contact Information

Address : 2, Kulakov Prospect,

                 Stavropol, 355029

Website : http://eng.ncfu.ru/