Admission procedure for MBBS in Russian Medical Universities is very easy and simple, interested candidates may follow the steps set out below to start admission process in Russia Medical Colleges Universities.


Russian Medical Universities do not require Indian students to pass any entrance exams like the GRE, TOEFL, CET etc for getting admission in Russian medical colleges for MBBS, MD, and MS. But a small entrance exam is kept on the subjects of English communication, Chemistry and Biology simply to test the skill of our students. MBBS Admission in Russian medical colleges are on a first come first served basis, subject to the candidate satisfying the eligibility requirements set by the Medical/Dental Council of India or the appropriate authority in other countries.

Follow these steps to start process for MBBS admission in Russia

Admission started in all medical colleges of Russia. Classes will start from 1st of September, but we advise students to apply early because there is a large number of applicants from all over the world and the seats are limited and hence are given strictly on a first come first served basis and depend on the final discretion of the university as per the availability. Therefore, there is an added benefit to those applicants who apply early.

Here is the step-by-step detailed information on how to start process for admission of MBBS in Russia medical colleges. We advise you to read it carefully and pay particular attention to all stages. Please do not hesitate to ask any question at each stage.

  1. Visit or call to any of our office/representatives for a free counseling session, were detailed information will be provided regarding the eligibility criteria, various universities, courses fee structure, admission process, credentials and facilitation fees of Go Abroad Education Service provider. The student and parents needs to undertake steps as he/she feels necessary to satisfy himself/herself regarding the decision of studying MBBS cum MD in Russia and admission process.
  2. Once the student has satisfied himself / herself about all the merits and demerits of studying in Russia, the student should submit his/her filled in admission form along with scan copy of Higher Secondary School Certificate, Transfer Certificate & 3 passport size photos. Hard copies of Admission forms can be given through our branches or Soft copies through our mail – for receiving the soft copy of Application form kindly mail us a request letter or just send us an SMS to our contact numbers - 09629680242, 09677223693 or 09444336491

At this primary stage student have to pay an initial amount of Rs.10,000 for University application for blocking a seat in fees, either through a Demand Draft favoring Go Abroad payable at Tamil Nadu OR you can also do Online Transfer the said amount in our Bank Account. For More information, feel free to call us at 09629680242, 09677223693 or 09444336491. Remaining payments for admissions can be clearly explained at our branch, we generally prefer to meet the students and their parents so as to create a free atmosphere for Abroad travel.

  1. We will provide the admission Conformation letter which conforms the admission of the student is received from the university within 3 to 10 working days.
  2. Now starts the Big Part of the admission process i.e INVITATION LETTER from the Ministry of Foreign affairs of Russian federation. We need passport scan copy of its front and back side to start this process then we will apply for this official document. It is a tedious task and it takes somewhere around one month. 
  3. Next, after receiving the INVITATION LETTER through university from Ministry of Foreign affairs of Russian federation, We move on to Russian Student VISA by Russian Consulate. It generally takes 7 to 10 working days for issuance of Russian Student VISA. This process is known as VISA stamping.
  4. After getting Russian Visa we move on for BOOKING International Air Ticket. Usually we book tickets in groups for forming a batch because the students will feel comfortable when they are surrounded by our people.

Our official representative will FLY with the 1st batch of students to Russia and will receive the next coming sets in Russia from MOSCOW airport directly.

  1. Now starts the process of registration, Immigration, visa extension etc. All the process will be assessed by our Representative correspondingly.

Indian Passport

Sample Invitation

Sample Invitation

Sample Visa